Saturday, May 21, 2011

Drummer Spotlight

Today is my 18th birthday!

Thought I'd  just throw that in there before I got to the drummer spotlight =). Today I will be featuring a video of Tony Royster Jr. This is one of my all time favorite drum videos and I got a lot of my influences from it. The crazy thing is, this kid is only 12 in this video!! That's right, 12! When I watched this video I really focus on his technique because it amazes me that someone so young could have that great of technique. So without further ado... Tony Royster Jr.

Like always thank you for watching!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    And wow at that kid

  2. Happy birthday, man! too bad we're all gonna die today, right? apparently the world is ending today, so..

    that kid is FANTASTIC btw!

  3. wow he is very talented! awesome

  4. He's not limited by his age, that's great.

  5. WOW wish i had that much talent