The Hardware

The next step in becoming a successful music producer is investing in the hardware. This is the part of a music producing career can unfortunately get pricey. Hardware includes a multitude of different things that allow you to get the best sound possible out of live instruments, midi instruments, vocals, etc.. The list goes on and on forever. Here I will post a list some basic important studio gear that will help you create beautiful music! I'll also review other gear on my daily posts as well.

  • Condenser/Diaphragm Microphones
  • Dynamic Microphones
  • XLR Cables
  • Preamp/Outboard gear (Compression, Reverb, EQ, etc...)
  • Mixer Board
  • Audio Interface
  • Midi Keyboards
  • Studio Monitors 
  • Instruments

One thing pops into my mind when I think of all of that equipment. "Expensive." But let me tell you from experience that garage sales, goodwill, pawn shops, and thrift shops are your best friend. These stores tend to lack the proper knowledge when pricing this gear so they price everything at a fraction of what it actually costs. Garage sales have found me some really great gear for dirt cheap.

Thanks for reading!